Baby sleep issues – Why wait to get help?

Studies have shown that sleep problems do not go away on their own. Find yourself googling, “baby sleep issues?”Let our RN sleep expert help you and your baby get on the path to a restful night’s sleep. 

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Platinum Phone Package – $450 

2 (60 minute) phone calls with a Registered Nurse + 1-week unlimited text or email support 

This package is recommended for parents who have never done any form of sleep training and your child needs a complete sleep overhaul. We will guide you every step of the way and hold your hand the entire time. We will dive deep into the root causes of your baby’s sleep issues. 

Platinum Sleep Consulting Package includes: 

  • Full analysis and assessment of questionnaire that will be sent prior to the phone call 
  • 2-hour detailed phone conference to conduct and discuss full assessment, implementation, and coordination of sleep training technique selected by the parent
  • Customized sleep plan emailed within 24 hours
  • Detailed Registered Nurse care plan faxed directly to your pediatrician or sent via email in a PDF file in order for you to give to your pediatrician 
  • One week follow up support during the implementation process via daily check in through phone, text, or email
  • Daily analysis of sleep log and responses

Gold Phone Package – $189

Our gold sleep consulting phone call package is for the parents that want a comprehensive sleep assessment, but already have the basics or knowledge of sleep consulting. They have an idea of some inconsistencies present and need support, guidance, and advice to implement an effective sleep plan. The sleep intake form will be thoroughly reviewed by an RN prior to the phone call and the parents will be encouraged to think about the questions in advance in order to maximize the time spent. Education, support, and sleep techniques will be given 

Silver Phone Package | RN Newborn Nurse | 30 minutes, $99

The silver sleep consulting package is perfect for the parent who already has a good general knowledge of sleep training and maybe even read a few books but feels lost with the overload of information. This package provides a quick overview to get your child back on track with naps, nighttime sleep, or tips for traveling.

The Process

Choose your appointment type and complete payment on our scheduling form.

Once confirmed, we will send you a link to an extensive intake form that you must complete before your appointment time. We ask that you complete the form 24 hours prior to your appointment in order for us to review the form and ask any additional questions that we may have.

We will send a google calendar invite and a reminder prior to your appointment time and call you at the selected time. It’s important to take notes during the phone call, so you can get the best use out of the information.
During the appointment time, an RN sleep expert will give you a call for the allotted time.
My City Baby will send an email follow up with the summary of your phone call. We typically send this in PDF format and ask that you bring a copy to your pediatrician’s office next time you are there.
Additional steps will be taken to ensure that you receive the follow up support you will need if you purchased a package that included support.